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Othena is Orange County’s precise Public Health Service digital platform. Fill out one form, and gain access to services you qualify for.

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Top 3 Used Services

Vaccinating 2


Keep yourself healthy and protected from COVID-19, Flu, and other viruses.

Ride Request

Ride Request

Schedule a ride to and from your appointments with ease.

Home bound support

Homebound Support

For Qualified Individuals: Get the support of healthcare professionals in your own home!

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For Individuals

Othena connects individuals with vaccine distributors, sets up appointments, and walks you through the vaccination process.

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Providers Icon

For Providers

Othena pre-registers patients, ensures consent, and manages priority tiers by state and CDC criteria.

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For Organizations

Othena facilitates large-scale COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts to help your organization return to business.

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What Does
Othena Provide?

Vaccinations are made efficient, easy to access, and scaleable across millions of people. It enables YOU to control, coordinate and follow the vaccination process through an application-based system.

It provides CDC-based guidelines and information on vaccines. It provides real-time solutions to bottlenecks and delays in vaccination orchestration.

Key Elements

Software as a Service Icon

Software as a Service

Othena is a SaaS offering, meaning it can be accessed by patients on their mobile devices via downloading an application.

Vaccination Orchestration Icon

Vaccination Orchestration

Get matched to vaccine distributors, set up vaccination appointments, and understand the vaccination process.

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It's in the news

Read the latest news about how Othena is making vaccinating easier.

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Schedule Appointments

Schedule your primary vaccination as well as the follow-up booster shot. Ensure you get the right vaccine at the right time.

Extremely Secure Icon

Extremely Secure

Othena is highly encrypted. All information collected and stored within the system remains protected and secure.

Real-Time Tracking Icon

Real-Time Tracking

Othena provides real-time data on vaccine availability, distribution, and shipment tracking, giving providers and public health authorities instant updates.

Looking for more information or want to receive a virtual demo of Othena? Reach out to our team today.

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