Case management made easy

Seamless Onsite

Streamline the intake process and enjoy patient-driven, up-to-date information at every visit.


Engage and support your patients wherever they are through physical or digital visits.

Data Entry

Our intelligent data capture eliminates the need for repetitive data entry for every patient visit.


Othena’s automated system is fully integrated into any backend system.

Success with Othena

We help organizations achieve...

Lower Costs
Lower Costs

30% less than the FEMA national average.

Lower Costs
Improved Outcomes

Patients are 4x more likely to be fully vaccinated.

Lower Costs
Increased Productivity

6,000+ providers onboarded with less than 5 minutes of training.

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Protecting and supporting
healthcare workers

Othena’s automated technology lets providers easily manage their entire organization in a single platform, reducing stress and burnout on the job.

Quick Implementation

Our easy-to-use system helps you seamlessly adapt existing programs and prepare clinicians with minimal training.

No Paperwork

Digital check-ins speed up the patient intake process from end-to-end and eliminate the need for after-hours paperwork.

Better Care Quality

With Othena’s streamlined processes, providers can reduce wait times and build deeper connections with their patients.

For Residents

Lowering the risk of COVID-19 exposure with onsite testing, boosters, and flu vaccinations.

What does Othena do?

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By downloading the Othena app, patients can access important testing and vaccination records with the push of a button.

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Othena walks patients through the vaccination proccess so they can understand their options.

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Schedule Appointments

Our system eliminates paperwork and helps patients automatically book their first, second, or shot plural.

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Resources & News

We’ll keep patients and communities in-the-know with the most current, factual COVID-19 news and vaccine resources.

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Homebound Care

Othena has accessible care and treatment options for patients in need of in-home services.

Healthcare is a team sport and we make connecting with your patients easier
than ever!

See the Othena difference right away!

Our 4 step process


Implementation – Easily adapt existing programs or define new ones.


Asset Map – Identify any gaps in community resources and create new solutions.


Promotion – Spread the word about your solutions through community groups and media.


Monitor – Stay on top of quality assurance and make improvements when needed.

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