What is Othena?

Othena, CuraPatient’s convenient new app, makes navigating all the confusing healthcare news easier than ever-so you can make informed decisions for you and your family.

As businesses reopen, travel restrictions lift, and the world returns to normal, get peace of mind knowing you can find all your important COVID resources and vaccination records in one place.

Covid Symptoms

Showing COVID-19 symptoms?

Test to Treat helps you find treatment plans early on, giving you a better chance at a full recovery. If you’re feeling sick, let us help you find a test!

The Othena difference

Vaccination success in Orange County, California.


17 million logins by 1.23 million people over the last 14 months

patients-registered-icon patients_registered

Total Vaccines

doses-administered-icon doses_administered

Total Patients

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Total Patients Over Age 65

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17 million logins by 1.23 million people over the last 14 months

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49 states

Deployed in 49 states, DC, and Puerto Rico

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5,300 Long Term Living Facilities

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Top Resource

Serving major employers in every sector

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Othena for all

Read more about Othena’s technologies and multi-purpose solutions...

For Providers

Othena significantly reduces stress for healthcare providers with our simplified case management platform.

For Public Health Agencies

We help public health agencies fight COVID surges proactively and relieve anxiety and burnout in their communties.

For Communities

With convenient testing, vaccinations, and treatment plans, we can reduce community outbreaks up to 67%.

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